Colleges and Universities in the US welcome international applicants…

…However, the process of applying can take significant time and effort, sometimes up to two years.

Prepare: First, prepare! Prepare, prepare, prepare! Of course, starting with the Pre-ACT is a great way to practice for the ACT and gives you an idea of where you should start.

Search Universities: To make the most of your effort, start your search considering the type of university you want to attend. Are you most comfortable in a large setting, interacting with lots of different classmates? Do you want to experience life in a city, where you take a bus across campus, or do you prefer a walking campus? Do you want to know everyone, or is anonymity okay? Are you comfortable attending a ‘commuter’ institution, where many students leave on weekends, or do you aspire to be a part of a thriving and active weekend community? These are all important aspects of finding the ‘right fit’ for you.

Plan your application: Find out from your counselor and admission professionals what it takes to attend your chosen university. Is there a grade point requirement? What are average ACT scores? Look at the application to see what is required. (*If there is a requirement for a personal statement, please see our section on writing effective personal statements.)

Make a financial plan: Most institutions require submission of specific documents regarding your financial status. Find out from the admission office what exactly is required.

Apply: Submit your applications!

Make your decision!