Counsellor’s Corner

Education leaders participate in first ACT Certified Educator training events in Egypt, Jordan

In the past month, educators across Egypt and Jordan have participated in ACT Certified Educator (ACE) training. The program, rapidly growing in popularity across the region, certifies international educators and tutors who want to help their students reach their maximum potential on the ACT® test. ACE modules include the ACT Basics course as well as any or all of the specialized ACT test subject areas: English, math, science, reading, and writing. The first ACT Basics training was held in Jordan on 5 February and in Egypt on 21 February. Educators from several institutions attended and showed a huge interest in becoming certified educators. Participants said the course was welcomed by decision makers in their schools, and that other educators at their schools will join future ACE training...

Report: Does Test Anxiety Bias ACT Scores?

Test anxiety raises concerns about assessment validity and fairness. Keeping Your Cool: Does Test Anxiety Bias Performance on the ACT?, a new study from ACT, investigated possible measurement bias due to anxiety on the ACT test. The study revealed several insights about test anxiety: Many examinees reported test anxiety, but anxiety did not have significant negative effects on ACT scores—in general, for males and females, and for ethnic groups. Test anxiety was most strongly related to feeling unprepared for the ACT. Test takers should minimize anxiety by following practical recommendations supported by this study, even if is not expected to affect ACT scores. Read the report at this link. Click here to learn more about how students can reduce test anxiety.

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