ACT Tutor Certification Program

This innovative program is designed to certify individuals who meet requirements to tutor students preparing to take the ACT® test.

Modules include the ACT Basics course (recommended as a first step) as well as any or all ACT test subject areas: English, math, reading, science, and writing. (Note: ACT Basics and ACT English are currently available, with other modules coming soon.)

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Tutor Certification Process

Application and Eligibility

Becoming an ACT-certified tutor is a simple, three-step process.

  1. Submit an application (subject to ACT review).
  2. Participate in an in-person certification training program.
  3. You are required to successfully complete a post-training certification assessment related to the specific training program.

Candidates can earn as many subject area certificates as they want (i.e., English, math, science, reading, and writing). The ACT Basics course does not include a qualification assessment—only the certification exam.

ACT-Certified Tutor Directory

Candidates who fulfill requirements will receive a digital credential proving their status as an ACT-certified tutor. Recipients will be listed on the ACT-Certified Tutor Directory on ACT’s website. (Directory coming soon at


Certification requires candidates to be present during training sessions. The ACT Basics and ACT Writing courses are one day in length, while the other subject-specific courses consist of two days of training. Each subject-specific certification course will consist of 18 hours of training spread over two 9-hour days. The scheduling of the training courses include the time provided to complete the qualification assessments and certification exams. All tutors are strongly advised to complete the ACT Basics course, regardless of any subject-specific certifications they wish to obtain.

Course Cells

  • ACT Basics (9 Hours)
  • Math (18 Hours)*
  • English (18 Hours)*
  • Reading (18 Hours)*
  • Science (18 Hours)*
  • Writing (9 Hours)*

*All tutors are required to pass a qualification assessment in the corresponding subject areas prior to being eligible to receive the related certification.

Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct (PDF)